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Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Fri Mar 23 13:47:49 EDT 2012

Does anyone know how to have a numeric keyboard with an "enter" key on
Android? When you select the numeric keyboard with mobileSetKeyboardType
You do in fact get a numeric keyboard but there is only a done key that just
closes the keyboard and the returninfield message is not sent. I have seen
numeric keyboards on the Android with an enter key so I know it can be done.
Also every time you do a mobileSetKeyboardType "numeric" a rouge space is
inserted into the field every time it gets focus. If you use the default
keyboard and select the numeric keyboard you can enter one number and the
keyboard reverts back to alphabetic. This was submitted as a bug report back
in September but it still unconfirmed. I still have the problem, so I can
confirm it at this time. There are other oddities like go from a numeric to
a alpha keyboard field an you get a rouge space in the alpha keyboard field.
I have not pursued this as I thought this bug would be an major issue and be
fixed. As I am now getting close to releasing an app in May this is getting
to be a major issue. I don't have any way to have the user enter a zip code
into a field.

Report #9746 
mobileSetKeyboardType inserts rogue space. No enter/return key 
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