datagrid in iOS scroller

Ken Corey ken at
Thu Mar 22 15:50:06 EDT 2012

Okay, so I decided to devote myself to a little toy project: download a 
list, display it to the user, and filter according to tags.  Precisely 
the sort of thing I'd want a high-level language for, and LiveCode 
should be ideal, as I want it on Android devices as well!

Okay, so I dig around and find dataGrid.  Brilliant, it does exactly 
what I want.

I spend the day figuring out how to make custom templates, populate 
things from a script, filter according to my custom needs, everything. 

Okay, let's run it on iOS.  Oh rats.  That motif scrollbar has to go.

Okay, let's dig around a bit more.  Find a thread on the forums 
"DataGrid and a native Scroller".

After playing around with it, it seems to only work with a table 
datagrid, not a form datagrid.  Oh dear.

The symptom is that a limited amount of the datagrid is rendered at the 
beginning. When scrolled, that is painfully obvious.

Can anyone here save me from dataGrid purgatory?  Is there an easy 
solution, or should I just dive back into iOS tables?


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