MobGUI orientationchanged issue

Richard Miller wow at
Wed Mar 21 11:16:29 EDT 2012

Can't find a solution for this yet. MobGUI is certainly a useful 
product, but badly needs more documentation to work through its many 

Start with a 2-card stack.
The first card is designed for portrait-only display. This is specified 
in MobGUI. Changing to landscape creates no changes to the card. 
Everything just turns to the right as the phone is rotated.
The second card has a unique landscape display, established by using the 
Landscape option in MobGUI. Controls change properly (i.e. become 
vertical) when the phone is rotated.

Go to the 2nd card.
Rotate the phone. All works nice.
Now navigate back to card 1 WITHOUT rotating the phone back to portrait. 
The layout of the card will now be vertical, as if it was trying to 
display correctly for landscape mode. But the controls SHOULD all be 
rotated 90 degrees. It acts as if the MobGUI info for this card (card 1) 
isn't aware that the phone is still in landscape mode, since no NEW 
orientationchanged message was sent.

I tried placing a "send orientationchanged to this cd" into the opencard 
handler of cd 1, but it had no effect. How can I force MobGUI to 
adjust/update the card layout properly?

Richard Miller

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