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Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Wed Mar 21 01:56:43 EDT 2012


I'm working on a music-related LC project that plays audio that is delivered from a server. Works great, especially with fast start checked on .movs.

The project has moved on to the point that we are now in negotiations to license music from a major media corporation that will be served to potentially many users--desktop and mobile.

They are concerned about the security of their files. We are concerned about reliability.

1. Is a media file written temporarily to the hard drive or is it just in memory? Can we say that it is secure from copying (assuming we do things correctly)? Of course, I'm referring to standard Livecode.

2. Our audio library for the immediate future is fairly small, a couple of gigs of files. However, potentially there could be many simultaneous users--let's say a couple of thousand or more. We need someone to host the content. They want to know how secure their files will be. They mentioned Akamai but said that we have a microscopic amount of content for that company. What kind of company should we be looking for, and any suggestions? Hopefully, we'll be forced to scale up in the future if all goes well (and I can quit my day job).

Peter Bogdanoff

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