Failing to understand the oddities of the "line" chunk

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Tue Mar 20 09:12:12 CDT 2012

I understand that this is what the engine returns when the selection is
empty, and I'm prepared to accept it as a necessary method for the engine
to describe an empty insertion point, but just because the engine reports
char 13 to 12 doesn't mean the engine should accept setting the selection
to char 47 to 26, or to word 9 to 3, or line 7 to 4. The engine returns one
exact format, and allowing it to accept that one exact format should be all
it does. There's no reason other than bad history to do so.

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 8:40 AM, Peter M. Brigham, MD <pmbrig at>wrote:

> Right, but if you have an insertion point in a field (no text selected),
> then "the selectedChunk" will contain something like
>   char 13 to 12 of field 2
> This is designed so that the selectedChunk is always in the form
>   char <startchar> to <endchar> of fld <fldNbr>

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