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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 18 13:03:37 EDT 2012

On 3/18/12 8:32 AM, Richard MacLemale wrote:
> Here's my serious question.  Why do so many people "in the know" use
> the list instead of the official RunRev LiveCode forums?

This comes up periodically. I hate the forums. I ignored them for years, 
now I make myself go there once a day when I remember and when there's 
time. It's tedious and slow to navigate and requires intentional 
decisions about what pages to load when time is short.

The mailing list comes to me effortlessly and I can filter all the 
messages into a single folder where I can see much more than just a list 
of topics at a glance. I can reply to an email instantly with no delay. 
Replying on the forum takes several time-consuming page loads, and you 
have to type into a silly little box and use awkward clickable buttons 
to quote or format. Unlike email where you can see and edit as you go, 
you have to load a "preview" page to see your formatted message in the 
forum, then reload it again after editing. It's a pain. I only reply 
when I have time.

If RR would implement mail behavior in the forums I think you'd see all 
the gurus participating because they could do it quickly and painlessly 
from their email client. I'm waiting for that. Then I'd never have to 
load that awful interface into a browser again.

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