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Hi Richard,

this question/discussion pops up from time to time. Everyone has other preferences. But for me it is the easiness to read the list.  I have downloaded and archived the list emails since 2005. I can search and read off-line. And for me the other big adavantage of the list is. I can read it with quick my phone when i have some spare time without visiting and "searching" a website. I am also visiting the forum from time to time, but reading the list is much faster.



Am 18.03.2012 um 14:32 schrieb Richard MacLemale:

> Here's my serious question.  Why do so many people "in the know" use the list instead of the official RunRev LiveCode forums?  Forums have so many advantages over mailing lists - they're easier to read, they're easier to search, you can access them from anywhere, I could keep going.  I'm just curious as to why the best LiveCoders spend more time here than in the forums? There are people who participate in both - I see Jacque and Klaus in there all the time and I probably owe Klaus a case of beer at this point...
> Anyway, just curious?
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