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please consider voting for report #2783 in quality center which calls for typed variables (an example being for passing parameters to externals)
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Le 8 mars 2012 à 19:48, Paul D. DeRocco a écrit :

>> From: Pete
>> I guess the first thing I'm trying to ascertain is if it will 
>> be possible to call the C API's directly from LC or if there 
>> will have to be some intermediate external glue that sits 
>> between LC and the SQLite C API.
> I haven't written an external since Rev 3.5, but I don't think anything
> fundamental has changed. Yes, you have to write a wrapper layer, because
> everything called from LiveCode has to accept arguments and return results
> as null-terminated ASCII strings. So you spend a lot of time converting
> between decimal ASCII and binary, and so forth. (If current LC has advanced
> beyond that, I'd be interested to hear.) But like I said, it's just
> busywork, and on modern machines it's not so slow as to be a problem.
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