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Hi Pete,

1) I believe in the past there was at least 1-2-3 externals from third party
developers around SQLite.  They was even sold at price 150$

So you going invent a bike ...

2) why tease self with SQLite if exists Valentina DB and now many ways with
Valentina DB & Reports are FREE!  Even for deployment and sales.

For example, 

-- everybody can download VSERVER and get free license for 5 connections.

-- everybody can download ANY Valentina ADK and develop application, which
is CLIENT to that VSERVER.

You can even sale this app millions copies, but without bundling of VSERVER.
Your users will need download and install own free copy of vserver.

-- with VSERVER and any Valentina ADK you also can integrate Valentina
Reports into your app, which will work under VSERVER/5.  For this you need
spend 199$ to buy one copy of Valentina Studio Pro to design your reports.
But when you have design N reports with Vstudio, you can deploy that with
your apps and your users still will be able to use them for free with their

-- why to care about reports?  We have development team, which have push us
to idea develop reports. They develop big online system using PHP and
REALbasic. And they just draw many forms as reports. Later PHP or RB code in
one line of code ask for that report and show it into browser as PDF or HTML

> I'm seriously considering trying to use the C API for sqlite databases
> instead of the rev db functions.  I'm finding too many little
> inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the rev routines.
> The problem is I know nothing about using external libraries with LC or the
> sqlite C API.  I'm hoping there's someone out there who can at least tell
> me if this is feasible.  Check out for
> documentation of the C APIs for sqlite
> Thanks

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