How to close a modal stack by keyboard?

Ken Corey ken at
Tue Mar 6 07:21:17 EST 2012

On 06/03/2012 10:52, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> When I have opened (in the IDE) a modal stack without closebox, how can I
> close it by a windows keyboard shortcut? The messagebox window isn't
> reachable, because of the modal state of my stack.

I just had a quick play around...

On my machine (Windows 7, LiveCode 5.x), I can bring up a new main 
stack, and set it to be modal (it has no buttons to close, remove or 

Hold Ctrl-Shift, right click in the window, and you'll get a menu, where 
you can change the 'Stack Mode' to toplevel, where your controls come back.

(On my Mac, it seems to be Command-Ctrl-Shift left-click).


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