good wi-fi news

Colin Holgate coiin at
Wed Jun 27 19:43:03 EDT 2012

Sorry I couldn't be on the boat tonight, there is some work things I had to do, that I haven't been able to because of the slow wireless (it involves downloading some big files). I was all set to let it take its time to download, using the Ethernet/routers we have set up, but I found that my machine had apparently got a good connection to the hotel wireless.

I did some timings, and our router work-around was going at about 2 mbps (a lot faster than the in-house wireless as of this afternoon), the SeaviewResort_Guest network is doing about 7 mbps, and the SeaviewResort one is going at around 20 mbps! It's even managing 10 mbps upload speed.

Hopefully it will remain that good for the next couple of days.

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