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Have you tried setting the destroyStack to true before deleting it?

set the destroyStack of myStack to true

Quote from the LC Dictionary;
"destroyStack Summary: 
Specifies whether a stack is purged from memory when it's closed, or whether it remains in memory.

The destroyStack of a stack is true or false.

By default, the destroyStack property of newly created stacks is set to false."



On 2012-06-27, at 11:33 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I have a need to close a stack and remove it from memory by script and the
> dictionary says delete stack will do that if the stack referred to is a
> mainstack.
> However, after executing the delete stack command (I've double checked to
> make sure I'm referring to the correct stack), the stack still shows up in
> the Application Browser.  Knowing that the Application Browser sometimes
> doesn't refresh itself, I clicked the stack but it still showed up and
> double clicking it opens it, so it's definitely still in memory.
> I close all the substacks of the main stack before issuing the delete
> command.  The only other slightly unusual thing is that the main stack is
> initially opened invisible.  As an aside, why do stacks opened invisibly
> still show up in the Application Browser?
> Pete
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