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the ramp of the gradient has 4 positons. 1 at 0, 2 at .50001 and 1 at 1.0000
the ramp is what you work on in the inspector.

the first two define the first color and the other two the second color. By
setting the color of the pair of the positions to the same color and making
the middle position the same you get the homogenous colors and the sharp
dividing line.

in Ken's wonderful stack you could fill these values in

Type:	linear
To:	377,400
Quality:	good
Ramp:	0.00000,255,255,255
From:	374,191
Via:	469,191
Mirror:	false
Repeat:	1
Wrap:	true

That is the fillgradient from the graphic alternatingLines. The To, Via, and
>From values are for Ken's stack.

It is helpful to make a little script that gets the fillgradient (or
strokegradient) of a graphic:

put the fillgradient of grc "myGraphic" into tData
combine tData by return and tab
put tData into field "myField"

Kind regards

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