Is there a way to get an "exitGroup" behavior when someone clicks a non-group field

Ken Corey ken at
Tue Jun 26 15:38:34 EDT 2012

Okay, here's a brute force approach for what I think you're asking 
about.  Put this in the card script.

You will need to deal with each special group you have like this.

local ingroup

on handleEnterGroup
    -- handle entering the group
    log "handleEnter"
end handleEnterGroup

on handleExitGroup
    -- handle exiting the group
    log "handleExit"
end handleExitGroup

on mousemove x,y
    if x,y is within the rect of grp "test" then
       if ingroup is false then
          put true into ingroup
       end if
       if ingroup is true then
         put false into ingroup
       end if
    end if
end mousemove

That take care of what you want to do?


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