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Hi Alejandro,

I never taught such a course. I did write a book some time back: Turtle Physics, Holt, Reinhard, and Winston, 1985. Also in Spanish: Fisica con Logo.

That implementation of TG was in LOGO, not LiveCode.

LOGO was a product of the MIT multimedia lab and was an outgrowth of an MIT project based on Seymor Paper's work.

LOGO was based on LISP, the language of choice at MIT computer science dept. It works well for work for AI.

It was all about list processing. So much so that the only repeat structure was tail recursion. Recursion drove most teachers nuts.

The link on my web site to "Programing for science students" was an early effort to translate Turtle Physics into LiveCode, nee Transcript.


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> Hi Jim,
> Recently, I posted about my experience teaching a spanish
> version of the course MetaTalk Programmer:
> Could you tell us about your experience teaching
> Turtle Graphics in the classroom?
> How old were your students?

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