Setting the volume of a video in iOS

Sergio Schvarstein sschvarstein at
Thu Jun 21 07:12:34 EDT 2012


I am developing an iPad app which includes several videos which are shown always and only in full screen mode.

I used the usual iPhoneControl Player methods for displaying the videos, but as they are ONLY displayed in full screen mode, I had to create and program a custom set of buttons for playing, rewinding, sliding, etc., to avoid some of the standard library controllers, which have non sense if the videos just play in full screen mode.

I had no trouble in programming any of these buttons, except the sound volume of the video. 

I could not find any way for controlling this property for an iPhoneControl video, nor for controlling the general system volume (the playLoudness seems not working in iOS, or maybe I made a syntax error, because I could not make it work).

So, two questions:

1. Is there any way for controlling the volume of an iPhoneControl Player video via script ?

2. My final app would be hybrid: iOS, MacOS/Windows. So, I will also program these same functions for QuickTime videos in separate cards, depending on the platform. I've tried to use the QuickTime way in iOS but the videos didn't appear on screen. 
So, is there any way for displaying the videos in the QuickTime way in iOS or the only way is the iPhoneControl Player (or Browser) way ?

Thanks for any help or suggestion.

Sergio Schvarstein


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