How to open an XML file within an OSX bundle?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Wed Jun 20 16:22:32 EDT 2012

Further digging reveals that the OSX feature 'Show Package Contents' is available for all packages - not just applications. Visibility seems to be controlled by bundle flags set on the file extension in the Launch.Services database, such as this entry for a coda plugin

		uti:           com.panic.coda.plugin
		description:   Coda Plug-in
		flags:         imported  inactive  untrusted  
		icon:          Contents/Resources/plug-ins.icns
		conforms to: , 
		tags:          .codaplugin

The MindManager 9 for Mac entries lack these flags and so, no package behaviour. 

Unfortunately, these flags at file level to unlock a single file and I wouldn't trust my Terminal skills to even attempt to go hacking into the Launch.Services database (or rebuild it after hacking the associated plists).

So, I think for now, the first step of my utility is a mandraulic copy & paste of the XML file's content into a LiveCode source file dump field for post-processing - where the fun stuff begins ;-)
On 20 Jun 2012, at 20:12, Keith Clarke wrote:

> Nice idea but the xml file itself isn't accessible within the Finder and dragging the file into Terminal from within the Text Wrangler Disk Browser returns only the enclosing file's path. 
> I've also tried changing the file extension to .app to see if OSX would then allow 'Show Package Contents', but sadly, no.
> There may be another file-level flag that governs this behaviour - I'll do some more digging.
> Best,
> Keith..
> On 20 Jun 2012, at 19:10, Colin Holgate wrote:
>> One thing you could try is to open Terminal and drag the xml file into the window. It will then show you the path to that file. Might give some clues to what is going on.
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