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Wed Jun 20 02:17:43 EDT 2012

On 06/20/2012 09:01 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 2:16 AM, Peter Haworth<pete at>  wrote:
>> I have several QCC reports that have been sitting in silence for several
>> weeks
> Weeks??? I have pet bugs that have been sitting there for YEARS!!!!
> For example:
> * Can't take snapshot of second monitor (entered in 2006)
> * Can't take snapshot of off-screen stuff
> * No way to build Android apps with Linux (this is insane)
> =(

A list of wonderful ideas: RevMedia, Dreamcard, revLets (web deployment),

Bugs that have not been addressed for years.


Now, if a parent phones me and tells me that s/he had pointed out that 
little Ivan had
cocked up his English exam at school a year ago, and now he has done it 
again . . .

The parent would be reasonably justified in asking me to reimburse the fees
s/he paid for little Ivan's classes over the past year.

Very, very soon, with an attitude of the sort I am writing about, my 
school would be closed and my
reputation would be mud.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours working with a boy who had not fully 
understood the Past Imperfect,
at no cost to the parents. Not my idea of fun, but difficult to avoid 
with a good, clean conscience.
I offered those 3 hours; I didn't have to wait until the parents kicked 
me; but, hey, I listen to my
customers, and take their feedback very seriously indeed.


One of my least favourite words on this user-list is "Work-around", and 
it crops up
far, far too much.

What is a "work-around" ?

It is a phrase for end-users having to spend lots of time ('community 
effort') solving
generally fairly basic issues that should have been sorted out by the 
manufacturer of
the article being used; and that time spent on work-arounds should be 
being spent on development
of the end-user's own work, and represents lost time and income to those 
who have to stop their
SDLC while they sit down with the sticky-tape and string to mend the 
"vacuum cleaner".


My main problem is that many parents do not give me much by the way of 

However, I am writing this on a use-list that is a non-stop 24-7 
feedback system; and running through it
are a set of on-going complaints that it would behoove those up the top 
to take rather seriously.

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