how to get rid of "icon" added in a repertory by Lion

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at
Mon Jun 18 08:09:53 EDT 2012

Le 18 juin 2012 à 12:49, Mark Schonewille a écrit :

> Hi André,
> But then it is easy, right?
> if line x of tList is ("Icon" & numToChar(13)) then...

Ouups! yes! Thanks a lot Mark (once again ;-))
> Apple probably decided to add this character to avoid confusion with other files with the same name. Of course, it is not smart of Apple, because any developer might very well do the same as Apple.
and not obvious to discover quickly that they added this character! (I must confess that I spent a couples of hours ;-((
> I can't find these files when checking my Lion drive from withint Snow Leopard. Does the folder actually have a visible icon other than the default icon?
This does not happen from Snow Leopard

I have a set of stacks in a folder. (one for each client of my friend). This folder has the default icon. In this folder no file "icon" is visible, just like the usual hidden file ".DS_store".

But when putting "the files" in a field (from the directory), then
-  on Leopard, only the ".DS_store" line is visibly added and easy to delete (no hidden character)
I did not get a line "Icon"

- It is when running the app. on Lion that my friend gets a line "Icon" (well, with a fifth hidden character).

At first, I deleted successfully the line with "if line x contains "icon" then delete line x
but some stacks in the list had "icon" in their name ; ex. : "TARRICONE Pierre"
and they were deleted from the list ;-))
It is when trying another way to delete the line "icon" that I had the problem!

Thanks again Mark

Best regards

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> Best regards,
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> On 18 jun 2012, at 11:54, André Bisseret wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>> I am on Mac OS 10.6.8
>> In a stack I am getting a list of names from a directory with
>> set the directory to "nameOfsuchFolder"
>>   put the files into tList
>> in tList I must delete a file ".DS_Store" , no problem
>> My friend for whom I am maintaining the app. bought a new Mac with Lion.
>> Now, with Lion, a new intruder is systematically appearing in tList : one line whose value is "Icon"
>> I can't delete it ;-((
>> In a repeat 
>> if line x of tList is "Icon" then delete line x of tList -- DOES NOT WORK!
>> When I put tList in a field
>> In the message box 
>> find "Icon" in field "fldName"; put the foundLine returns "line 281 of field 1"
>> But :
>> put line 281 of field 1 is "Icon"  returns "false"!!!!
>> Assuming a mysterious hidden character,
>> I asked for the number of chars of line 281 of field 1 : returned 5!!
>> If I put chartoNum(last char of line 281 of fld 1), I got 13
>> so could be carriage return? 
>> But, I don't get 13 for the last char of any other line in the field!
>> Well I am clearly missing something!
>> Any help much appreciated
>> Best regards from Grenoble
>> André

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