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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 16 09:27:20 EDT 2012

Igor de Oliveira Couto wrote:

 > As a newcomer to LiveCode, I have been a little frustrated by the
 > lack of support for a version control system - like git, svn or
 > the like. I have, therefore, added a feature request to the quality
 > control system, here:
 > If this is of interest to anyone, please consider sparing a vote.

RunRev took the first step toward satisfying this request some years 
ago, allowing us to set the ID of any object.

While potentially dangerous and not recommended for normal use, this is 
necessary to enable the re-creation of stack files from an intermediary 
format suitable for most common version control systems, such as XML.

In fact, a couple of the members of this list were at one time actively 
working on such a solution, which is what prompted RunRev to add that 

I don't know who's managing the project now or what state it's in, but 
anyone sufficiently motivated can make XML import/export at any time.

For myself, like Sean Cole suggested in his reply to the cross-post in 
the livecode-dev list, I prefer working with native stack files for 
backup and versioning, incrementing a custom prop for the version number 
(I use uRIP["version"] - see the ECMI spec in the Files section of the 
Rev Interoperability Project site at 

 > On a side note: I have already posted a similar request to the
 > livecode-dev, and do not know if it is considered bad form to repost
 > it here. Are all members of livecode-dev also members here, or is
 > this double-posting appropriate?

It seems an increasing number of people cross-post to both lists, but 
since almost all of the members of livecode-dev are also on use-livecode 
in most cases you'll get pretty much the same range of useful responses 
by posting to just use-livecode.

The livecode-dev list used to be called "improve-rev" (the product was 
called "Revolution" back then), and was primarily for discussion of 
unreleased features (improving the product).

In recent years the difference between the two lists has become blurred, 
so that a lot of general discussion occurs on both.

The one remaining distinction with livecode-dev is that participation 
there is limited to members of the Developer Program, and is therefore 
governed under the terms of the NDA agreed to when joining that program.

So while most of the discussion on livecode-dev is now indistinguishable 
from what happens here on use-livecode, members of livecode-dev will 
want to be mindful of the NDA and post comments related to unreleased 
features to the livecode-dev list exclusively.

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