Unable to install livecode on Linux, why?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 03:19:43 EDT 2012

I am probably doing something silly, but can anyone help with why this should be happening?

I hosed my Debian installation (don't ask!).  So not having done a new install for many years and several new computers, I decided the thing to do was start from scratch again.  Its not a big deal, you just wipe your root partition and reinstall, then after you've laboriously installed all the apps again, and its amazing how many there were, all the menus and all the data files link up perfectly.

So, this leaves LiveCode.  Download the installer using firefox. Open terminal.  cd to Download.  ls shows its there.  Try to run it, and it says file does not exist.  OK, lets confirm its there and being invoked beyond any doubt.  So I create a directory livecode and move the installer to it.  It moves fine.  Now we try to run it.  Doing it like this there can't be any silly spelling mistakes.

~/livecode$ ls
:~/livecode$ ./L*
bash: ./LiveCodeInstaller-4_5_3-Linux.x86: No such file or directory

same thing happens if I become root.  Its not because its an archive, either.  Try to open it with archive manager from thunar file manager and the same thing happens.  Its not the file manager, do it from gnome commander, same thing (well, that just invokes a terminal so its not surprising).

Any suggestions?  Its probably something completely stupid, but what?


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