Upgrade to Lion on 15 inch laptop pro forces resize of stacks

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 01:07:28 EDT 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 10:23 AM, Igor de Oliveira Couto

> I can confirm, that I do get quite a large difference - over 70. That,
> however, does not seem to be a bug, but rather due to the fact that the
> 'working screenRect' on MacOS X takes into consideration not only the space
> taken by the menubar, but also by the Dock - which, in my system, sits nice
> and large on the bottom of my screen. This seems to be the correct
> behaviour, as per the entry in the dictionary.
> No, on SnoLeo and prior, the 'working screenRect' also takes into account
the menubar and Dock, and as William has pointed out, if he starts his
stack in SnoLeo it works fine.

Regardless if I have Dock magnifaction On or Off, Size Small or Large,
Effect Genie or Scale I only see a reduction of 4 pixels for the height of
the working screenRect compared to the screenRect.

Moving the Dock to the sides removes that 4 pixel reduction, ie the working
screenRect = the screenRect. You need to Quit and Restart LiveCode to see
the change, if you keep the IDE open and just change the Dock settings the
IDE will keeping working on the working screenRect it had when it first

SO, if you are on Lion and you are seeing a 70+ pixel reduction in the
working screenRect compared to the screenRect, this is not how LC operated
pre-Lion and is therefore a BUG.

Yes, LC takes into account the height of the menubar and Dock when it
forces a stack to squish inside the working screen rect, as William is
seeing. On my SnoLeo machine if I create a new stack and set it to 4400
pixels high, when I reopen it LC reduces it to 1112 pixels if the Dock is
at the bottom, and 1116 pixels if the Dock is to the side - regardless of
the Dock magnification, size or effect.

So my guess is that LC takes the working screenRect and reduces your stack
by 86 pixels. In the Lion case you seem to be getting hit twice, your
working screenRect appears to be reduced by 70+ pixels and then LC reduces
your stack by the usual 86 pixels.

Is that what you see, if you create a massively tall stack and reopen it,
how much shorter than the working screenRect is it?

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