An iMac Screen Problem ?..

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Wed Jun 13 11:45:14 EDT 2012

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

Oufff ! (Sigh of relief !!)

Thanks to Bjornke, Mike and Keith for pointers.
Keith won the jackpot - the ZOOM was my problem.

I realized that i had a software problem and not
a hardware problem immediately. When I booted the
computer, the password request display was sitting
square in the middle of the screen, and when boot
had terminated, the screen had gone ZOOM.

I fiddled with the Zoom function as suggested by
Keith, and all went back to normal.

Sometimes when I have written a repeat mechanism
in a new script, and I go into a horrible never-ending
loop, I sometimes slide both hands across the keyboard,
hitting all the keys at the same time, to see if I can
get back control of the IDE (don't laugh - it sometimes works).
This is how I must have zoomed in, but didn't even know
that this function existed. Now I do !!!

Progress is just a series of monumental f***-ups !

All is now well in Carnac (and the sun is shining too !)


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