Converting a Stack to many formats starting from XML

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Jun 7 14:37:15 EDT 2012

I think I brought this up the last time this discussion surfaced, but I
think there's benefit to be had from being to able to discern exactly what
changes took place between two versions of a stack file - were any controls
added/deleted or did their properties change, which scripts were
added/deleted/changed, etc

I started on a project to implement this but haven't had an opportunity to
get back to it.  Theoretically, the information I store could be used to
recreate a stack but that wasn't my intention and I suspect that it would
be full of pitfalls.

lcSQL Software <>

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Richard Gaskin
<ambassador at>wrote:

> If a project manager thinks he needs to have two developers editing
> different lines of the same script simultaneously, that's not a version
> control tools problem, that's a project management problem. :)

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