Converting a Stack to many formats starting from XML

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 7 09:33:10 EDT 2012

Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> I believe that the real problem is to work alone in this XML exchange
> project... :-)

Maybe, but the absence of other devs anxious to dive in to help may also 
merely suggest that such a translator has limited utility to the community.

After all, it's not like XML is a new format, and many other LC devs, 
including Geoff Canyon, David Bovill, myself, and others, have taken 
stabs at that to various degrees but apparently never sufficiently 
motivated to see it through to completion in the form of a tool suitable 
for production.

Why is that?

The answer may lie in your first post in this thread:

     There are many scripts to convert stacks to XML, but...
     How many developers have taken the path of converting
     this stack from XML to other formats?

     Searching the web, I found many free and paid converters from
     XML to almost every file format available, for example:
     Free XML to SWF

     Paid XML to PDF, XPS, POSTSCRIPT, TIFF, Silverlight, Word,

All of those source formats you listed are for data types that are 
useful within other software.

But LiveCode stacks are only useful when run with the LiveCode engine.

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