Blacklist script (was: on-rev hacked)

FlexibleLearning admin at
Tue Jun 5 02:07:53 EDT 2012

I can confirm that the 5G-Blacklist .httaccess script really works. It
stopped all but a handful of nasties overnight and dead in their tracks. The
only ones that get through are requests for any unspecified .php files, most
likely due to my syntax ignorance.

Can someone correct this or give me an appropriate line to block ALL .php
file requests?

 RedirectMatch 403 /(contac|fpw|install|pingserver|register)\.php$
 RedirectMatch 403 /index.php
 RedirectMatch 403 /setup.php

Many thanks,

Hugh Senior

> is of use for you and other?s.  This solution was mentioned on the list
> last year by Andre, if i remember right. I am using that since then in
> the hope it prevents my account from being hacked.

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