Another 5-out-5 review for LC!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 2 13:29:39 EDT 2012

Lynn Fredricks wrote:

> It is unfortunate when there is a system that doesn't allow for vendor
> response.
> Ive had the experience before where some buyers have used review systems as
> a form of blackmail, meaning, they demanded some feature or some special
> service, and told that if they didn't get it that they'd trash the product
> in a public place.
> Consider also, if a competitor or a "champion" of another product buys yours
> in a public venue that works this way, such as the Mac App Store. They can
> heap abuse on your product pretty much freely and there is nothing you can
> do about it.

Does MacUpdate really have such a restriction?

If so, they're no VersionTracker.  Back before it was gobbled up by 
CNET, VT was da bomb.   Folks might post a bad comment now and then, but 
I could step in to offer an explanation, or not that something's already 
been fixed, and that provided a productive environment.

This MacUpdate restriction just seems prone to competitor abuse.

Has anyone here written MacUpdate about lifting this counterproductive 

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