The future of LiveCode

Ken Corey ken at
Fri Jul 20 16:03:21 EDT 2012

I've already gone on too long, so apologies to all.

But, it seems to me there's a manpower shortage.  There's lots of work, 
and not enough engineers/coders/documentors/etc to meet it.

What about volunteers?  I'd /happily/ code up solutions to my troubles 
(no header access for http calls on mobile, I'm looking at you) if I had 
access to the source code.  I wouldn't need access to the lot either, 
just enough of a test harness to develop the code.

I'd sign a non-disclosure, and waive all rights to the code submission, 
if I were granted next year's licensing fees paid.

That is, of course, only when the code is accepted by runrev as being of 
high-enough quality to meet RunRev's needs, so there'd be little risk on 
their part.

I figure I've got enough C experience on many platforms to be able to 
make that kind of contribution.

For other folks, perhaps documentation is their thing, or helping to 
code more tutorials is more appropriate.

I respect Runrev and Co, and submit that their jobs do need to be 
protected...  I'm not suggesting open-sourcing the lot...but there's an 
amazing amount of latent talent in the folks on this mailing list.  I'm 
surprised more of them aren't being tapped to work on choice morsels.

On 20/07/2012 20:09, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Your story of your progression through the documentation to find the
> answer you were looking for was very instructive.

I do think the problem is not the quantity of information, but rather 
the discovery process.

Sadly, I don't feel a third-party book is the right answer.  LiveCode 
will (it had better) change much too quickly in an effort to keep up 
with all the different platforms.


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