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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jul 20 15:09:15 EDT 2012

Ken Corey wrote:

 > Bottom Line, you simply can't say "Oh, we have a User Guide, if only
 > you'd read it."

That's not what I wrote. My apologies for not being clearer about my 

My question was more in the spirit of usability testing, evaluating not 
the user but the system.

Your story of your progression through the documentation to find the 
answer you were looking for was very instructive.

Like any meaty design problem, I don't have a ready answer, nor would I 
presume to without first gathering user data such as you've provided.

Given the various factors involved, I don't know that there's a simple 
answer, but I think it's valuable to keep looking for opportunities for 

With other products like HyperCard, and even with LiveCode from some 
here, the suggestion is "Abandon all vendor resources and rely instead 
on third-party books."

That may be helpful in some cases, and no doubt books like Colin's will 
be very valuable, but I think there's a better way.  I'm not exactly 
sure what it is right now, but I've seen this come up over enough years 
with enough different products that in spite of its pervasiveness it's a 
problem worth pursuing.

In the meantime, if any others here have anecdotes like Ken's, I don't 
think anyone would mind if you posted them, ideally with the same level 
of detail so we can appreciate the "why" behind your steps.


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