The future of LiveCode

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Fri Jul 20 10:26:17 EDT 2012

 > All other major programming languages have a variety of 
> manuals in the bookstores.  Where are they for LiveCode?  It 
> is insufficient to just direct the user to scattered 
> tutorials on the Internet or to seminars; there needs to be a 
> book that the user can easily use while learning the 
> programming from scratch.   Many people on this forum 
> (including myself) have a background in HyperCard or MetaCard 
> that has made it relatively easy to migrate to 
> Revolution/LiveCode.  What happens when the old guard dies 
> out?  Will beginners who have no such background replace 
> them?  Or will beginners navigate to other programming 
> languages for lack of an adequate LiveCode manual?

Publishers come in all stripes now. But it used to be that they were very,
very conservative about publishing language books. Prior to the availability
of print-on-demand, if you weren't confident that you'd sell through a print
run in X amount of time, you just didn't bother.

Rev did get covered in several editions of Beginning Programming for
Dummies. Now there is Colin's very timely book. Given that it is possible to
have both PDF and print versions generated using POD, why not write one

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