can't get behavior to work

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Thu Jul 19 20:20:05 EDT 2012

I've been trying all day to get behavior, to work, and can't

  set the behavior of grp "grp_cmbIncome" of card "meansTestIncome" to
 the long id of fld "ctr_calcPop" of cd 1 of stack "mcp"

produces an execution error at line n/a (parentScript: bad object)
near "field id 2081 of cd id . . .

It only mentions the error the first time the script in preOpenStack
runs; otherwise it just jumps to the end of that handler with no
If I change it to refer to a field in the same stack, same problem.
If I remove "the long id" to refer direxctly to the field,
it executes, but the handlers of that field are never reached, anyway.

Am I doing something wrong?
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