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You be right about those spaces. I was having problems with intents when I  
had that slash issue. That was with 5.01.

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On 7/18/12 8:18 PM, Dan Friedman wrote:
> Ralph,
> Yeah... it's there.  Like I said before, I can read the data from the same  
location and put it in the browser with:
> 	mobileControlDo sBrowserId, "load", fURL, htmlData
> I just can't load it as a url with:
> 	mobileControlSet sBrowserId, "url", fURL
> I think it's something to do with loading a local "file" that's the  

I've loaded local files successfully on Android. Just for curiosity's sake,  
what happens if you rename the file without spaces? I'm still suspicious of  
those. The file I was displaying had no spaces in the name.

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