Recreating a binary stack from xml text

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I would prefer something that is easily human readable.  Xml might work as long as the scripts and object properties are presented in a clear and readable enough fashion. 

I know that my teams have spent many hours going thru diffs in different version of software looking to find exactly what revision and change introduced a problem. 

  -= Mike
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Saturday, February 18, 2012, 2:43:07 PM, you wrote:

> I think the real intent is to get a livecode application into a
> format where you can use standard configuration management tools to
> store versions and track differences.  In theory if the components
> were broken out separately, then you could have multiple people
> working on the same app at the same time.  


> I believe as long as the source is text, then all of source
> management systems that I am aware of will work.  XML is just text
> so it should be fine.  Most of these system can deal with binary
> blobs and they just rev stamp them. So images and media are still
> manageable.  

Nothing particularly special about xml. It's bloated and ugly and
machine-readable rather than human-readable. But it's hierarchical and
it's text, so it's an easy format to deal with. Ideally for LiveCode
purposes you want something that will display the xml storage data as
a nicely formatted tree structure.

> Not having the ability to manage the source code was the only
> thing that prevented me from using livecode in my corporate life.
> So I am excited to hear that others are interested as well. 

Yeah, it's a serious drawback.

-Mark Wieder
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