Warning Re: 'DAZ3D is giving away three 3D-Apps for free'

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at mines-paristech.fr
Sun Feb 12 10:14:30 CST 2012

Ken, thank you very much for your help. I have NOT installed the DAZ3D software yet (I have the old DAZ studio whose environment variables do not include "-"), so I would like to use your indications *before* installing the DAZ soft. FYI, I have all versions of revstudio then livecode installed on my mac. When I open the revdebugger stack in its on its LC version (or another one), I do not see any script to edit in it. Do I have to enable editing of the IDE (can't remember how...) or do I need to extract the revdebugger from the bundle to put it into an editable place then put it back into the bundle (Livecode is the Applications folder, which is admin, and i general, I avoid working on the admin account)?
Very best
	confused François
Le 11 févr. 2012 à 23:25, Ken Ray a écrit :

> If you take advantage of downloading the DAZ3D software for Mac 64-bit computers, you need to be aware of a "gotcha":
> It turns out that after installing the 64-bit versions of DAZ3D on my Mac that LiveCode can't open a script editor window anymore. This turned out to be because it inserted two "bad" environment variables: ($DAZSTUDIOVERSION_4-64 and $DAZSTUDIO_4-64) which LC would error out on when trying to work with global variables. The "-" in these globals is what did it…
> So if you've installed these and find yourself in a situation trying to open a script window and seeing nothing but "revNewScriptEditor 1" in the Windows menu, you'll need to either (a) wait until RunRev fixes it, (b) find another copy of LC on another machine or install the MetaCard IDE and then edit the revDebugger.rev file (in Contents/Tools/Toolset), go to the "revDebuggerValidGlobalNames" function and change it to add:
>    filter tGlobalsRaw without "*-*"
> It should look like this:
> function revDebuggerValidGlobalNames
>  local tGlobalsRaw
>  put the globals into tGlobalsRaw
>  replace comma with return in tGlobalsRaw
>  # For now we just filter out the Vista 64 bit ones. Really we should remove anything that is not a valid Rev identifier
>  # according to lextable.cpp, but that can easily be added in later as this is the only place in the IDE this is done.
>  filter tGlobalsRaw without "*(x86)"
>  filter tGlobalsRaw without "*/*"
>  filter tGlobalsRaw without "*-*"
>  replace return with comma in tGlobalsRaw
>  return tGlobalsRaw
> end revDebuggerValidGlobalNames
> I'm sure RunRev will add this line in soon, but in the meantime it's a "gotcha" you should be aware of…
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