m4p files in live ode

Jeff Reynolds jeff at siphonophore.com
Sun Dec 16 22:44:12 CST 2012

has anyone seen m4p (mpeg4) files playing back oddly in livecode  
players on the mac with a white frame at the end of the file? cant see  
the white frame in qtplayer or any other player and is not there in  
the original uncompressed qt file out of the editor, but in lc im  
getting this white frame at the very end when i create m4ps from  
handbrake. if i use compressor or qt to make movs (all h264) they  
behave fine, but handbrake h264 m4ps give this odd white frame. im  
guessing its something of the m4p not having the full mov wrapper and  
thus not behaving perfectly in lc.

you can get rid of it by backing off the play to end a few frames  
before the end of the file, but unfortunately the editor did not  
listen and leave a good second of black at the end of each piece (as i  
always request) so doing this leaves a ghost on the screen.

Im back at the monterey bay aquarium doing an update on the auditorium  
program here thats been run by lc/rev/metacard for like 15 years now!

we started doing traveling systems of the whole thing on macbooks a  
few years back. basically the presenters interface runs on the macbook  
screen and lc pumps 720p out the external port. im replacing the  
training system (which uses an mpeg server) with a mac mini now as  
well to show 720p and testing if the top end macbook pro could push  
1080p out! amazing to turn a mac into such a video server. lc has been  
really robust in doing this and not been able to kill it yet by  
torturing it!



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