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Sun Dec 9 21:25:54 CST 2012

Love wordreport. I use it in about 3 out of 4 of my projects. Would be
incredibly excited to see a spreadsheet equivalent. The best I can do
right now is some pretty boring csv files that can be opened in excel.

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 5:33 AM, Curry Kenworthy <curry at pair.com> wrote:
> Howdy FieldTrip Preorder Folks,
> I posted recently that the first FieldTrip beta release was imminent. It is,
> and some folks have written since to inquire again, and suggested that I
> post here too, so here's a quick note.
> After completing the current formatting features and custom GUI, I've been
> wrapping up the final library details such as installation, documentation,
> reg codes, mobile testing, and feature retesting.
> I'll be posting the download link here on this list in the next two or three
> days after completing the final tests and documents!
> In the meantime, please let me know offlist if you've lost your PayPal email
> (see below for why), and also keep reading if you have questions for other
> info/explanation/FAQ including why it's been slow.
> I'll try to avoid posting here on the list again for these couple of days,
> and answer any further questions after that, so I can maximize the actual
> work until the download is ready....
> As promised, in addition to other bonuses, the Preorder Folks will get
> exclusive access to FT (beyond the demo) for a period of time before anyone
> else.
> Your reg code will be the Transaction ID of your PayPal preorder payment, so
> do check that you still have that email, or that you can find the
> transaction in your PayPal account. There will be instructions on using the
> code inside the download.
> (If anyone slipped through the cracks or lost the PayPal email, let me know!
> And write again if you subsequently find it; I'll handle these in a batch
> after finding out who needs them.)
> The preorder page will be closed slightly before the release of this beta.
> Some folks have understandably kicked my butt a bit lately about the delay;
> I sincerely apologize. The preorder process funded development, which has
> been ongoing and steady since the promotion. It was never stopped or sold
> down the river at any time, in any way; that would never happen, and is not
> who I am, as those who know me know well! It was simply slower than
> expected.
> Why? I had an unexpected relapse of fairly serious health issues that cause
> difficulty moving the body, pain when inhaling, and lightheadedness. (Lovely
> combination!) It's gradually getting better, but dealing with this and
> working toward getting it truly fixed this time around have been challenging
> and not very kind to my schedule. It also prevented me from posting news
> here on the list as frequently as I wanted to.
> However, the experience has also increased my determination and zeal more
> than ever, so I intend to come back in a big way with some groundbreaking
> work in LiveCode projects.
> (There also were a couple of specific areas within the overall development
> that were delayed two or three months to obtain information about certain
> LiveCode developments, to avoid duplicated or misdirected efforts in those
> areas, and this preserved more of the development funds to use now in
> integrating those thoroughly and effectively.)
> FieldTrip development includes not just the goal of supporting all text
> formatting features of LC 5.5+, but also ongoing development of a custom GUI
> (the buttons, etc.), and a word processing interface with desktop/mobile
> parity, which will facilitate interaction to an unusual extent on all
> platforms. All of this will continue far beyond the level of this first
> beta. FT also needs to integrate closely with WordLib and WordOut (which are
> also undergoing updates right now, and nearing release too) and other
> WP-related tech to increasingly provide the ultimate drop-in word processing
> solution for users and end users.
> I aim to make every preorder customer truly happy, so thanks for both the
> criticisms and the encouragement, it all helps! Keep the feedback coming
> after trying the beta (to ensure timely completion, I'll be finishing it
> before posting again or responding to other questions) and be ready for
> other bonuses for preorder folks, as my way of saying both "thanks" and
> "sorry it took a while".
> It's a set of LiveCode word processor controls and features, a friendly
> interface to handle all the old and new text formatting features supported
> by LC fields (and incidentally the development of WordLib and FT have led to
> some additional text features in LC). The toolbar is similar to the main
> controls of MS Word, Open Office, or (insert favorite WP).
> FieldTrip also has its own GUI for buttons, since it is designed for all
> platforms. The GUI colors can adjusted to suit one's taste or platform. The
> GUI was also designed without excess complexity of controls or visual
> settings, to hopefully be faster on simple devices such as low-end Android
> tablets. (Which in my opinion are very exciting options for end users in
> both the developed and developing world, so I wanted to ensure they'd be
> snappy.)
> Since FT was designed with mobile/desktop parity in mind, it will offer more
> mobile access than most interfaces do, and the controls are sized
> accordingly. I'll be treating Android and iOS equally.
> Once paired with WordLib and WordOut, FT will represent a complete
> in/edit/out solution for Word and Open Office and rival famous word
> processors to some extent.
> Here's a list of what's coming now and what's still in development for next
> version.
> (Items implemented but subject to improvement)
> - word processing formatting toolbar
> - text formatting features (font, size, colors, links, images, biu, align,
> super/sub, strike, box, border features, list features, line spacing,
> more/less indent)
> - intuitive bullet and numbered list level processing and adjusting, similar
> to Word
> - allow end user to resize/move field (if desired) even on mobile
> - toolbar shows state of current text selection
> - GUI for toolbar buttons etc.
> - adjustable GUI colors
> - toolbar buttons can be repositioned or hidden if desired
> - install components to your stack
> (Perhaps not all-inclusive, some may change)
> - word processing tab bar
> - fixes and improvements from beta feedback
> - specific requests from FieldTripper and higher supporters
> - better resolution support
> - even more new text features
> - mobile text selection controls and behaviors
> - platform default colors preset for GUI (if desired)
> - more GUI options (and perhaps spin off to allow use in other interfaces if
> desired)
> - tight integration with LiveCode's environment
> - toolbar button groupings (to reduce real estate if desired)
> - toolbar positioning and display options
> - integration with spell checkers and other tools
> - integration with WordLib and WordOut for import/export
> - more word processing features to rival familiar WP's
> (The tab bar was actually more than halfway complete, but needs to be
> reskinned using the new GUI for a prettier look, so it was moved to the next
> version.)
> Besides FT, I've been updating the import/export addons for Word and Excel,
> so there will be a flurry of releases before long: WordLib 2.0, WordOut,
> SpreadLib 1.0, and SpreadOut. And a WordReport update.
> (SpreadLib 1.0 will integrate with a nifty new grid control by Mats
> Wilstrand!)
> WordLib 2.0 addresses LiveCode 5.5+ text features among other things, and
> the following release (2.1 or etc) will add much improved support to the
> legacy MS Word 97-2003 DOC format.
> There has been a request for something similar to WordReport for
> spreadsheets, so a SpreadReport may be under consideration.
> I have something else fairly big and quite different than my other addons,
> to announce after the FT release and some client work, so stay tuned!
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
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