Android Orientation Woes

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Fri Aug 31 18:02:54 EDT 2012

On 8/31/12 4:00 PM, Dan Friedman wrote:
> Hi!
> In an iOS project I have a button on the screen that when you tilt
> the device, it slides left or right.  Using the accelerationChanged
> message, this is easy.  However, now that I am trying to replicate
> this on Android, it's not working.  The "x" value retuned by
> accelerationChanged is all wrong!  I see a discussion in the Android
> Release Notes about this but I can't make any sense of what they are
> talking about:
> "In order to correct orientation handling for this device, you must
> include a file named lc_device_config.txt in your APK bundle. Do this
> by adding the file in the Copy Files pane of the Standalone Builder.
> This file is used to map a device's to orientation to accelerometer
> value and is parsed by the Android engine on startup. If the current
> device matches an entry in the file, the orientation settings in that
> entry will be used."
> Does anyone know what this means?  How to implement it? Or another
> way to deal with different devices having different 0 degree
> settings?

I've tried to figure that out too. My interpretation is that you need to 
provide a list of all supported devices and somehow indicate how each 
one is to be oriented. It almost sounds like we need to figure out in 
advance the name and type of every possible Android device, but that 
can't be right. The instructions aren't clear, and the format for the 
text file isn't described.

The problem isn't just LiveCode though, it seems to be universal. My 
Android tablet has three compass apps installed, and each one thinks 
"north" is a different direction. None of them are right, though one 
comes close. I also have two different bubble-level apps and neither one 
can figure out which way is "up", they are both upside down.

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