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Wed Aug 29 10:45:42 EDT 2012

A word of caution...
...if YOU install fonts YOU need to license them...

Håkan Liljegren
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27 aug 2012 kl. 23:29 skrev Howard Bornstein:

> There are quite a few fonts that were not supported in earlier versions of
> IOS. I am targeting my app to run on IOS 4.3 and later and I want the app,
> when run under IOS 4.3, to have access to the same fonts as people running
> V5.x. To do so, I've done a custom install of the missing fonts into my
> app. This has worked fine, except that there are two fonts which do not
> properly display.
> One is Optima Bold. It always displays as Optima ExtraBlack. I can switch
> between the two and there is no difference.
> The second is Papyrus. It always displays as Papyrus-Condensed.
> I have verified that the versions that I want, i.e. Optima-Bold, and
> Papyrus, are listed as available fonts when I compile for IOS 4.3, but they
> still display as the other variations of these fonts as I have described. I
> don't know enough about how fonts are displayed on IOS devices to
> understand why this is happening. At first I thought that it was because
> IOS 4.3 simply couldn't support these fonts, but I see that they are both
> supported under IOS 4.3 on the iPad (actually, Papyrus-Condensed isn't
> supported until IOS 5, but Papyrus *is *supported under 4.3), so I don't
> think that is the problem.
> I would be grateful if anyone had an explanation or solution for this issue.
> Thanks.
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> Regards,
> Howard Bornstein
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