[ANN] Beta version of Data Storage Lib, a NoSQL local storage library

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Tue Aug 28 13:09:27 EDT 2012

Hey Folks,

I am releasing a beta version of the Data Storage Lib, a NoSQL data storage
library for local LiveCode development. It is an add-on for my DB Lib and
uses SQLite for the storage medium.

It can store any kind of information as long as it is inside an array
variable. It doesn't require a schema or a defined set of fields. You can
mix and match any kind of array in the same storage file. Let me give you
some examples, opening a new storage:

    dsOpen "myStorage", "com.andregarzia.example"

Saving an item:

    put "32" into tA["age"]
    put "andre" into tA["first_name"]
    put "garzia" into tA["last_name"]
    dsSave "myStorage", tA
    if "dsErr" is not in the result then
        put the result into tKeyForLastSavedItem
    end if

Retrieving an item back:

    put dsGet("myStorage", tKeyForLastSavedItem) into tA

This all works without the need to touch a SQL database. You can learn more
by browsing the current API reference for the Data Storage Lib at:


You can also check the little guide at


This library is BETA but is passing my little tests cases.

This is a true NoSQL solution for LiveCode and writes your data to safe
folders in any system. You can save an item, save a bunch of items,
retrieve keys, items, and do normal crud operations.

The Data Storage Lib is be bundled with DB Lib, so all current owners of DB
Lib will have it.

Hope to hear feedback and opinions!


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