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Mon Aug 27 17:44:38 EDT 2012


> There seems to be a problem with the documentation on glx2 as I get a
> 404 error.  Just trying to figure out how this integrates into git.

Where are you getting the 404 from? The link to the documentation is the first
link in the wiki, but here is the tl;dr:

But... er... there's no git integration info in the docs yet. I still have to
get around to updating that. The basics are:

Once a project stack has been enabled for version control, every save will place
a couple of xml files in a "Livecode Projects" folder and stage (add) the xml
files for git commits along with a folder structure that implements the stack

>From the wiki:

A start at git version control integration: new items in the Tools menu. If you
have git installed you can enable version control integration from the Tools
menu. This will automatically stage text files containing the scripts of edited
stacks when you do a save, and create a metadata directory structure to contain
them. All other git commands are manual (commit files using the Tools submenus).
No explicit diffs yet, but you can launch gitk from the menu. 

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