How to scroll an image

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Aug 26 17:42:14 EDT 2012

If I understand what you're asking, you want to essentially "mask" the image
so that the portion of the image that extends beyond the mask region is
hidden.  One way to do this is group your image (a group can consist of a
single object), set the rect dimensions of the group for the "visible" space
you want, and lock the group so it doesn't resize.  Then you can set the
vScroll and hScroll properties of the group to shift the position of the
image within the group.  The scrollbars of the group do not need to be
visible for you to set vScroll and hScroll.


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Recently, gwendalwood at wrote:

> I have stack with six rectangles of varying sizes each grouped with an image
> object. I place an image from my sandbox into one of the rectangles and the
> image is resized to fit the image object rect which distorts the image. Can
> anyone direct me on how to bring in the image into the rectangle so that the
> image is full size without distortion but the excess image is hidden and using
> scrolling, change the visible portion of the image to center the visible part
> to the desire focus.
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