[TEASER] A noSQL library is coming...

Magicgate Software - Skip Kimpel skip at magicgate.com
Sat Aug 25 22:12:26 EDT 2012

Nice!  I have some great ideas for this already....  Can't wait!


On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 9:59 PM, Andre Garzia <andre at andregarzia.com> wrote:
> Hey Folks,
> I am putting the final touches into a NoSQL data storage library for local
> LiveCode development. It is an add-on for my DB Lib and uses SQLite for the
> storage medium.
> It can store any kind of information as long as it is inside an array
> variable. It doesn't require a schema or a defined set of fields. You can
> mix and match any kind of array in the same storage file. Let me give you
> some examples, opening a new storage:
>     dsOpen "myStorage", "com.andregarzia.example"
> Saving an item:
>     put "32" into tA["age"]
>     put "andre" into tA["first_name"]
>     put "garzia" into tA["last_name"]
>     dsSave "myStorage", tA
>     if "dsErr" is not in the result then
>         put the result into tKeyForLastSavedItem
>     end if
> Retrieving an item back:
>     put dsGet("myStorage", tKeyForLastSavedItem) into tA
> This all works without the need to touch a SQL database. This library will
> enter beta on monday for current owners of DB Lib. You can learn more by
> browsing the current API reference for the Data Storage Lib at:
>     http://andregarzia.com/aux/datastorageapi/
> This is a true NoSQL solution for LiveCode and writes your data to safe
> folders in any system. You can save an item, save a bunch of items,
> retrieve keys, items, and do normal crud operations.
> The Data Storage Lib will be bundled with DB Lib, so all current owners of
> DB Lib will have it.
> Hope to hear feedback and opinions!
> Cheers
> andre
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