Printing an image - How to?

David C. davidocoker at
Wed Aug 22 22:04:33 EDT 2012

Howdy folks!
In the "can I do this?" type app I'm working on, I'm taking a snapshot
of several data items (fields) and/or images that I've assembled
together in a group, so to create a new image to be used for
printing.... all works great so far. My trouble it seems is that I
cannot seem to figure out how to actually print the freshly created
image when I desire to. I'm sure that some formatting will eventually
be required, but right now I just want to print the raw image so I can
move on to the next step in the what if scenario.

I'm pretty sure I could likely use revPrintField or something similar,
but I can't even remember how to insert the image into a field.
(That's what I get for setting aside all of my LC projects for several
months at a time, no doubt)

Any tips or suggestions to help jump start this old noggin in the
right direction?

Best regards,
David C.

P.S. I'm using LC 4.53 on Windows if it makes any difference.

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