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And so a group, being an object that contains other objects, has no unequivocal place in the hierarchy. Well, this is what you get when you mongrelize these things. I would prefer that even the blank spaces send their messages to the group, then to the card.


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> Cards lived on HC backgrounds. But LC groups live on cards, even
> though the background versions of these have a sort of "shared"
> existence within the stack. But this is closer, in my opinion, to the
> sharedText of a field, rather than an object class in and of itself;
> a shared property rather than an independent existence.

Except that sometimes the message hierarchy changes when it's a 
background group, and messages arrive after the card. It gets complicated.

Assuming the group has backgroundbehavior set, if you click on a control 
in the group it goes to the group, then to the card. If you click on the 
group but outside of any control, the message goes to the card and then 
to the group.

So background groups come after the card, except when their controls are 
directly addressed.

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