Mobile mapping with native browser control

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Tue Aug 21 18:04:51 EDT 2012

I'm not sure but perhaps they are now rejecting google maps in apps because they have their own tiles. Take a look at mergMK for an alternative.

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mergExt - There's an external for that!

On 22/08/2012, at 7:40 AM, "Ralph DiMola" <rdimola at> wrote:

> I just got rejected by the iTunes.... let's call them folks for now. I have
> been running in circles with them for 2 months now. I address one issue and
> then they find another. The performance is too slow then they try it on a
> device and it's fine. Then I address an issue and this old performance issue
> comes back and then disappears.
> The latest is I go to Google maps in a native browser window and they reject
> me for, and I quote "the map included in Screenshot_0 is not native but
> rather a web clipping from Google Maps." Now this is demonstrated in a LC
> lesson. I would think that RR would not show a demo of a stack that would be
> summarily rejected by iTunes.
> Any ideas anyone?
> Thanks.
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> Evergreen Information Services
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