Resize stack

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon Aug 20 21:13:32 EDT 2012

I'm using the Geometry Manager to manage the resiang of a scrolling list
field when its stack is resized.  I know, I know, using the Geometry
Manager is my first problem but that's the way it is right now!

If I select a line in the scrolling list field, scroll down so the selected
line is out of sight, then resize the stack horizontally or vertically, the
scroll position of the stack is changed so that the selected line is shown
at the top of the stack.  Happens whether liveResize is true or false but
only when the resize is finished.

I'd much rather that didn't happen.  Is there some property that will
prevent it or am I looking at writing a resizeStack handler to deal with it?

lcSQL Software <>

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