The Owner of a background group

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon Aug 20 20:57:49 EDT 2012

I agree with that, that's why I thought the behavior I was seeing was so
weird.  I started using a fresh copy of the stack and all now works as
expected so there must have been some corruption in the version of the
stack I was using.

There might be an existing way to find out the "progenitor" - the cardNames
of a group gives a list of all the card names that group appears on and,
without exhaustive testing, it appears that the first line of that list
might be the progenitor.

lcSQL Software <>

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 5:28 PM, <dunbarx at> wrote:

> Bob.
> It seems more natural to me that the owner is the current card. It makes
> the message hierarchy consistent.
> The "progenitor" could be a property as you suggest, but since this is not
> native, just set a custom property of the group to the id of the card that
> gave it birth. You then get everything you could ask for.
> Craig

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