App signature is not valid

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Mon Aug 20 17:52:25 EDT 2012

I have a strange situation where, when I install an app on three devices
(iPhone 4, iPad 3, iPhone 3G), it installs fine on the first two, but does
not install on the iPhone 3G, giving me the error "App not installed
because the app signature is not valid". They all use the same provisioning
profiles, but here is the odd part. I *can* install the app on the 3G if I
do *not* uncheck the ExitsOnSuspend property in the info plist. That is the
only difference among the versions. On the iPad 3 and the iPhone 4, I
uncheck this property. But if I do that on the iPhone 3G, I get the error
above. If I leave this property checked (i.e. the app exits on suspend)
then the app installs just fine.

Why would this make a difference to the app signature?


Howard Bornstein

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