The Owner of a background group

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I don't see this.

I made a card and a background group, I made a background field that, on opencard, would show the owner of the group. I made a few new cards. Navigating, the owner of the group is the current card, not the first card where all the authoring took place. Using the "place" command works the same as "command-N" in placing the group onto downstream cards.

Mac OS10.5, LC 5.5

Craig Newman

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It appears that requesting the owner of a background group does not always
return the card on which the group exists.  I think it returns the card on
which the group was initially placed.

For example, if groupA is a background group initially placed on Card1,
then placed on card2 and I ask for the owner of groupA on Card2, I get

Given that I'm not misunderstanding this, how can I discover which card a
specific instance of a background group is on?

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