more on-rev issues

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Mon Aug 20 13:18:03 EDT 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 1:45 PM, Pierre Sahores <sc at>wrote:

> Try in having the lc script and the livecode lib stack in the same
> directory
> and use this code to know if all get as expected :

I don't seem to be getting far enough to try that; the file isn't getting

they're both there in in the main www directory at on-rev.

I try this:

put (there is a file "/home/dochawkb/public_html/quiet.27.livecode") &
put (there is a file "./quiet.27.livecode") &  "<p>"
put (there is a file "") &

and realize that the 27 file never got uploaded.

(bang, bang, bang goes the head on the wall).

Upload, and I get true, true, false, and then nothing,

The following code is

start using stack "./quiet.27.livecode"
put "now using <p>"

but there is no more output after my false.

So I put in yours into my stack, in the stack script.

start using stack "./quiet.27.livecode"
  --start using stack "your_lib.livecode"
get start_rias_lib() -- this function lies inside stack "rias_lib.livecode"
get rias_lib_main_ctl() -- this function lies inside stack
"rias_lib.livecode" too

I still get

file "/home/dochawkb/public_html/"
  row 20, col 7: Chunk: can't find stack
  row 20, col 1: start: can't find object

Do I need to name something internally in my stack, or some such.

Just for good measure, I've attached the stack, which was saved in 2.7

(Is there really not a way to save as 5.0 from 5.5?  THis is a pretty big
hole . . .)

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